Lauren Recommends: Gr8ful for You

i am gr8ful for you by Kim Serafini

This is a little book that will play a HUGE role for emotional healing to take place for millions of people as we all say THANK YOU to the people that have touched us, helped us, and supported us. Click here to get a sample chapter of i am gr8ful for you so you can experience it for yourself!

Lauren Recommends: Before You Stress Out!

99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out! by Lauren E. Miller 

In 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out, author Lauren Miller integrates 18 years of studying stress management with her own experience of facing cancer and divorce at the same time. This book is packed with valuable, easy-to-use information and the essential tools needed to maintain inner peace in the midst of life’s crises, challenges, and everyday stress. Order today and receive bonus gifts from me and many other authors!

Lauren Recommends: The Laws of Superheroes

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes by Deepak Chopra

We live in turbulent times and what’s happening globally is also occurring in our lives, our relationships, and in our selves. Best-selling author Deepak Chopra’s intriguing new book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes, connects the dots between ancient wisdom traditions and the costumed superheroes of today. He explores what we can learn from the superhero archetype and how to become your own “superhero” as a pathway to greater joy, courage, creativity, and purpose. Order today and receive free bonus gifts from me and other leading thought leaders!

Lauren Recommends: Growing Up in Heaven

Growing Up In Heaven by James Van Praagh

Based on a nearly thirty-year career and countless awe-inspiring, uplifting true stories and profound messages of love, James Van Praagh’s newest book, Growing Up in Heaven, provides a remarkably detailed portrayal of a child’s soul as it moves from this world to the next. To order this beautiful book, click here.

Lauren Recommends: What You Wish You Knew

99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Marketing on the Internet

by Peggy McColl

My friend and New York Times Best-Selling Author Peggy McColl provides everything from understanding how to get set up online, establishing your brand, building your following, increasing your customer base, creating a solid revenue plan, and reaping the benefits in profitable ways. This is a complete guide to setting yourself up to succeed on the Internet! Order today for TONS of free gifts from me and many other authors! Click here to order.

Solemate French Edition!

Solemate by Lauren Mackler
Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life!
Solemate is now available in French! Solemate is about mastering the art of aloneness, but it’s not about being alone. International bestseller, Solemate, gives you the tools you need to develop the self-awareness and life skills to live a full, happy, successful, and financially secure life—with or without a partner. To order the new French edition, click here. To order in English, click here.

Lauren Recommends: The Map

The Map by Collette Baron Reid

Hay House colleague Colette Baron-Reid is an outstanding storyteller! Her new book, THE MAP, offers a pathway to self-discovery written with practical common sense and delightful humor. Brilliant in concept and an easy-to-read format, THE MAP invokes a wonderful sense of personal empowerment and joy. Order today and enter to win the SOLEMATE audio seminar and a free Illumineering coaching session with me!

Lauren Recommends: Be Your Own Shaman

Be Your Own Shaman by Deborah King

Be Your Own Shaman takes you on a unique journey into the world of healing, based on the premise that everyone is a natural-born healer. In Deborah King’s informative work, you’ll learn Eastern and Western techniques from the earliest recorded healing practices some 5,000 years ago all the way up to modern times. Be Your Own Shaman is an essential guide for seekers of higher truth and a practical pathway to healing. Order today and receive free gifts from me and many other bestselling authors! Click here to order.

Lauren Recommends: What If

What If by Eldon Taylor

Have you ever asked yourself, What if everything I believed was wrong? Author Eldon Taylor examines this and much more in his amazing new release, What If: The Challenge of Self Realization. What If is full of thought experiments to help you move beyond rigid beliefs you may not even know you had, and into a way of life that allows you to more fully express your own uniqueness and strengths. Order today and receive gifts from me and many others!

Lauren Recommends: Tired and Wired?

Are You Tired and Wired? by Marcelle Pick

There’s an epidemic of fatigue in our society. Hundreds of people wake up feeling irritable, forgetful, and craving sweets. Author Marcelle Pick addresses the root cause of these symptoms: adrenal dysfunction. Readers identify which adrenal dysfunction profile they fit and follow a simple, scientifically-based program to restore adrenal balance, re-gear their metabolism, and regain the energy to live a happier and less-stressed life. Order today and receive free gifts from me and many others. Click here to order!

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